Insomnia In Men – Causes, Effects And Treatment

// Published October 24, 2019 by James Washington

Insomnia in men – causes, effects and treatment

In our time, each of us is “littered” with our daily affairs and concerns, on which we need to spend almost all our time. And we live in an age of advanced technology that interferes with going to bed. For example, the Internet, television, computer games, etc. Most do not choose to sleep, which is the main reason for lack of sleep.

Causes of insomnia:

    • strong personal experiences
    • bedtime stimulants such as coffee, tea
    • drinking alcohol contributes to falling asleep, but can make sleep restless and interrupted
    • smoking. Tobacco is a stimulant, so smokers need more time to fall asleep
    • passive lifestyle. People with little physical or mental activity during the daytime may have trouble falling asleep.
    • the presence of physical activity just before bedtime, leads the body to “combat readiness”, which prevents sleep
    • noise
    • shine

Thus, the causes of insomnia are enough. It is known that women suffer from insomnia much more often than men. This is due to evolution, for example, when a mother gets up at night, responding to the crying of the child, or is the cause of strong (compared to male) emotional experiences. Therefore, the effects of female insomnia are less damaging than male insomnia. Moreover, male insomnia increases the risk of accidents while driving, manufacturing and other activities associated with risk, where you need to pay attention and caution.

The effect of insomnia on men:

    • decreased production of sex hormones. Male sex hormones, in particular testosterone, are produced during the deep sleep phase, so the absence or low quality of sleep is one of the reasons for the decrease in testosterone
    • one of the reasons for the decrease in potency. Caused by lack of testosterone and general weakness of the body.
    • decreased concentration, attention, mental abilities
    • irritability and nervousness
    • an increase in blood sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity, which also causes a decrease in testosterone
    • increased likelihood of heart disease

Simple rules for dealing with insomnia:

    • save the sleeping room from extraneous noise
    • eliminate all light sources in the room, creating complete darkness
    • ventilate the room before going to bed, and when possible (in the warmer months), sleep with an open window or window
    • try not to eat before bedtime and eat a lot during dinner
    • refrain from drinking tea and coffee before going to bed
    • go to bed at a certain time so that the body can get used to the routine and prepare in advance for going to bed
    • try to relax and not think about insomnia and everyday activities


If nothing helps in the treatment of insomnia, you should consult a doctor for advice. Do not try to be treated on your own with various sleeping pills and other drugs, as there is a high probability of worsening the current situation.