Insomnia In Men – Causes, Effects And Treatment

Insomnia in men – causes, effects and treatment

In our time, each of us is “littered” with our daily affairs and concerns, on which we need to spend almost all our time. And we live in an age of advanced technology that interferes with going to bed. For example, the Internet, television, computer games, etc. Most do not choose to sleep, which is the main reason for lack of sleep.


Prostate Adenoma Symptoms, Treatment And Prognosis

Prostate adenoma is a benign neoplasm of the tissues of the glandular organ. In urological practice, it is customary to talk about adenoma not as a neoplasm, but as a nodular proliferation (hyperplasia) of glandular cells as a result of a number of external and internal factors. Therefore, it is more correct to call prostate adenoma benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) .


Abdominal Obesity Signs And Effects On Men’s Health

Abdominal obesity signs and effects on men’s health

Fat is subcutaneous – it can be deposited on the entire surface of the body – from the face to the legs – and visceral, which is deposited around the internal organs (mainly the abdominal cavity). Abdominal obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen. More precisely, a large omentum – a double fold of loose connective tissue, which protects internal organs from damage, accumulating fat as a cushioning layer. Excess visceral fat is much more dangerous and can lead to serious illness if you do not do weight loss on time.


Candida Albicans In Men Definition, Characteristics Of The Pathogen And Its Treatment

Candida (Candida albicans) – microorganisms from the same genus of yeast-like fungi. Usually found in the natural microflora of a healthy person (oral cavity, esophagus, large intestine, vagina). As a result of this, they cannot be ranked as true infectious pathogens, therefore candidiasis belongs to opportunistic infections, and the fungus itself belongs to opportunistic pathogens.


5 Rules Of Intimate Hygiene For Men

Compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene is directly related to the health of the reproductive system of men. It is absolutely proven that men who are genital cleanliness are less likely to suffer from diseases of the genital area, as are circumcised men.


12 Things to Know About Libido

Sex experts debunk popular libido myths and explain in detail what sexual desire really is. So, the next information will be interesting both for women and men.


Relationship of prostatitis with potency: how to restore sexual function?

Pain, frequent and difficult urination, general malaise – not all problems that characterize such unpleasant conditions as prostate adenoma and prostatitis. Pretty soon noticeable decrease in quality of sex life joins these symptoms. Although prostatitis and potency aren`t directly related, first strongly influences second. Timely diagnosis and initiation of therapy can minimize negative effects of disease in this regard. If you initially plan treatment and clearly carry out all its stages, you wouldn`t have to think about how to restore potency after prostatitis, all functions will come back to normal.


Review of the drugs and methods of men’s erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction or impotency. What do we understand under these concepts?

First of all, these are the lack of sexual desire, erection and orgasm. Sexual dysfunction is divided into organic and psychogenic.

erectile dysfunction treatment

The organic dysfunction includes the inability of men to achieve and maintain an erection that is not related to psychological factors. The reason for its occurrence is vascular pathology, ie, disruption of cardiovascular function. The only way to treat it is to take certain drugs, which can be easily found and ordered at

And under psychogenic dysfunction we understand the dysfunction caused by mental factors (not mental disorders). For example, depression, self-hypnosis of one’s insolvency, conflicts between partners, the underestimation of their capabilities, nervousness, etc.

You can win psychological impotency by your own. You just need to understand the reasons for its occurrence and eliminate them.

You should always consider that it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it. So, how can we prevent it? First of all, we should conduct a healthy way of life. Namely, do not drink, do not smoke, use drugs, exercise and eat right. And maintain regular sex life.

Unfortunately, it is possible to prevent the disease despite these rules. But we should not lose heart. Currently, there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction which help in 95 cases out of 100.

Let’s consider methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:


This treatment is based on the use of various medications: tablets, ointments, gels and injections. It is the most affordable and effective method of treatment. The choice for each patient is individually based on the characteristics of the organism.

Psychotherapeutic therapy is based on recourse to a therapist who helps the patient increase his self-esteem issues.

Intra-urethral therapy is based on the use of drugs that are injected before the actual sexual intercourse and cause an erection. For example, alprostadil or Muse. But this method has many disadvantages.

Electrical stimulation. In this method of treatment it is used the device of EREC–Fit. Treatment is based on training the muscle cells of the penis.

Intracavernosal therapy is based on the use of injections of papaverine and prostaglandins of group E, which cause vasodilation.

Vacuum therapy. It is the vacuum massage with vacuum flasks. It helps to restore blood circulation in the groin area.

Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

– The drug Speman. This drug improves micro-circulation

– The drug Cialis. The main advantage of using this drug is its joint use with alcohol. It has no contraindications.

– The drug Levitra. It enhances the natural reaction only in sufficiently strong sexual stimulation.

– Drug Laveron. Its essence consists in normalization sexual function and allows the body to naturally respond to sexual arousal.

– Belgium drug Caverject.

– The drug Yohimbine

– The drug Impaza

-The drug Vuk Vuk

– The drug Viagra

– The drug Androgel

– The drug Furunbao Super.
A group of Egyptian scientists is studying a possible way to replace  “little blue pill” with the skin patch  with the use of nanotechnology. The use of Viagra using transdermal patches will not only help to reduce the side effects of the drug, but will provide a faster and more efficient absorption by the body.

The pharmacokinetics of sildenafil citrate after oral administration is such that about 70 percent of the dose is metabolized in the liver to the point how the drug exerts its action. These data were obtained from the results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Alexandria and Faros University and published in the special issue of the International Journal of Nanotechnology in April 2011. The researchers describe the same difficulties of transport of sildenafil through the skin, calling the reasons for the low solubility of the drug in water and oils and its poor ability to overcome the cell membrane. Experimentally, scientists have tried to solve these problems.

In the pharmaceutical market there are already many transdermal medications, which are used in the form of patches and deliver well-defined doses of drugs into the bloodstream. The most famous nicotine patches for tobacco control, the patch estrogens for treatment of women’s menopausal symptoms and patches methylphenidate for treatment of attention deficit for the children with hyperactivity (ADHD).

“The broad manufacturing of transdermal patches for various drugs is one of the current priorities of our working group,” says Yosra S. R. Elnaggar, lecturer of the department of pharmaceutics, Alexandria University (Egypt).

What Is Better: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

What Is Better: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

One of the most popular brands is Viagra. But recently, new improved preparations of this kind. For example, Cialis and Levitra.

According to unconfirmed reports, which include questionnaires and preferences of both sexes, it is possible to determine the leader of the competition and to place products in descending order of relevance. It is as follows: Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra.

These drugs have a main feature. It is duration of action. Unlike many such drugs, including Viagra and Levitra, which are about 4 hours, Cialis does not lose its effectiveness for 36 hours. Therefore, young couples who love the spontaneity and experimentation, as well as long-term couples, who are used to agree on the time and place of sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse) give their preference to the brand.

The mechanism of action of drugs for erectile function is very similar. They take effect within an hour after ingestion. In order not to lose the effectiveness of the drug is not necessary to take it with meals. Side effects have a similar clinical picture and include rhinitis, headache, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

But why do men not willing to take Cialis, Levitra and Viagra? There are several reasons. Firstly, male gender, unlike females, in principle, does not like to drink medicines. Secondly, there is no certainty that the drug will work. This applies especially older people with health problems. Therefore, they prefer to use non-traditional ways of satisfaction (satisfaction), which give 100% result. Third, you need to know about a particular physiology of the male body. Erection and orgasm are not getting linked.

This medicine has the status of a prescription. That is, in order to get it, you need to go to the doctor, to pass tests, it complicates the situation. Opinions manufacturers and scientists on the effectiveness of the drug are different; moreover, the result does not always meet the expectations of patients. That is why many men try to avoid the topic and the purchase of medicines.