Relationship of prostatitis with potency: how to restore sexual function?

// Published July 2, 2019 by James Washington

Pain, frequent and difficult urination, general malaise – not all problems that characterize such unpleasant conditions as prostate adenoma and prostatitis. Pretty soon noticeable decrease in quality of sex life joins these symptoms. Although prostatitis and potency aren`t directly related, first strongly influences second. Timely diagnosis and initiation of therapy can minimize negative effects of disease in this regard. If you initially plan treatment and clearly carry out all its stages, you wouldn`t have to think about how to restore potency after prostatitis, all functions will come back to normal.

Connection of potency and erection with prostate

A few years ago, doctors believed that reduced potency in prostate is consequence of elderly patients, and didn`t associate symptom with inflammation. Over time, this disease began to occur in men of young age, so data had to be revised. Direct relationship hasn`t been found, but experts have identified several important factors.

Condition of prostate affects potency and quality of erection in this way:

  • Pain, discomfort, difficulty with emptying bladder distract man from thinking about sex. Many have lack of self-confidence, and it is psychological factor that can be considered basis of all problems at initial stage of disease.
  • Today, theory is actively promoted, according to which prostate gland acts not only as regulator of testosterone production, but also synthesizes it itself. At minimum, it translates hormone into more active form. Any failures in this process affect reduction or increase in potency.
  • Neglected form of chronic prostatitis is often accompanied by appearance of scars on glandular tissue. Formations reduce speed and quality of passage of nerve impulses underlying erection and ejaculation. In these cases, erectile dysfunction with prostatitis becomes most pronounced and sometimes becomes permanent.

It turns out that impotence and prostatitis may be related. This moment is especially dangerous in case of hidden and slow-flowing pathology. Statistics show that many men aren`t even aware of their problems. It`s necessary to exclude such possibility by regular preventive visits to urologist.

Features of potency on background of prostatitis

Understanding whether prostatitis affects potency and erection, first of all you need to pay attention to negative factors accompanying condition, in particular, to psychological mood of person. For all their hardness, representatives of stronger sex are extremely susceptible to external stimuli. Any deviations from usual norms don`t make them think about why potency decreases, but muffle confidence in their own abilities.

Effect of prostatitis on potency is usually as follows:

  • Duration of sexual intercourse is reduced.
  • Early and uncontrollable ejaculation is noted.
  • Quality of seminal fluid changes.
  • In chronic prostatitis, “blurred” orgasm is often noted.
  • Feelings aren`t as bright as usual, and don`t bring usual satisfaction.

Methods for restoring potency after illness

In cases where pathology is still cause of persistent side effects and it`s necessary to restore erection, it`s necessary to choose integrated approach. There is no point in resorting exclusively to drug therapy. It`s not always effective, and in some cases even dangerous. Here are some tips on how to increase potency:

  • You should visit psychologist and urologist. Each of them will give their appointment, which should be combined.
  • Be sure to show profile diet. To restore functions of prostate after prostatitis, seafood, horseradish, parsley and fresh vegetables are included in diet. But from semi-finished products, fatty and fried foods, alcohol will have to be abandoned.
  • Exercise provides good effect in treating erection problems and prostatitis. They stimulate blood circulation in pelvis, normalizing all reactions and processes.