The Effect Of Sex On The Course Of Prostatitis – Indications And Contraindications

// Published November 13, 2019 by James Washington

The presence of infection in the urethral canal most often leads to prostatitis, while an acute or chronic form of the disease develops. It depends on the form and the possibility of having sex.

When can I have sex with prostatitis?

To begin with, regular sexual intercourse is the best preventive measure against stagnation in the prostate. In some cases, prostatitis develops not due to an infectious process, but as a result of stagnation. With this type of disease, it is not only possible, but also you need to have regular sex. Long periods of abstinence significantly increase the risk of developing congestive prostatitis. The benefits of sex with prostatitis:

  • Prevention of congestive prostatitis;
  • Component of complex therapy of congestive and chronic prostatitis;
  • Reducing the risk of relapse of prostatitis.
Sex with congestive prostatitis leads to an increase in the contractile activity of the prostate and the strengthening of its muscular frame, which in turn does not allow the secretion to accumulate unnecessarily in the ducts of the gland.

In what cases should you refuse sex?

If the cause of prostatitis is an infectious agent, then this is an occasion to abandon sexual activity during treatment. Here are some factors that should convince you to refrain from sexual intercourse:

  • Infection. With infectious prostatitis, inflammation occurs primarily not from congestion, but from an infectious agent that adversely affects the tissues of the gland. Moreover, often such infections are sexually transmitted and are a risk factor for your partner’s infection.
  • Inflammatory process. Infectious prostatitis most often proceeds in an acute form, and to reduce the risk of complications and the progression of the disease, you should abandon sex during treatment.
  • Muscle spasm. In acute form of infectious prostatitis. One of the main links in pathogenesis is a strong spasm of the smooth muscle of the gland. With ejaculation, the spasm only intensifies, causing even more discomfort, and contributes to the development of edema of the gland tissue.
A very important point when having sex during chronic infectious prostatitis is the use of barrier contraception (condoms).

Condoms help prevent your partner from becoming infected if the disease is bacterial. Be sure to use contraception if you have more than one partner.

Regularity of sex and masturbation with prostatitis

In general, most experts agree that with stagnant forms of prostatitis, sex should be at least twice a week. This significantly reduces the degree of stagnation or relapse. Sex can fully replace prostate massage.

Can masturbation replace sex with congestive prostatitis?

Masturbation is an inferior sexual act, but ultimately it leads to ejaculation, which is the main component of updating the secretion of the prostate and prevents stagnation. If possible, it is better to have full sex with a partner, but in its absence masturbation will be an effective method in the treatment of congestive prostatitis.

An undoubted advantage of masturbation is the complete absence of the risk of developing an infectious process, but the lack of full-fledged sex for a man is a factor in stress and psycho-emotional stress, which also affects the complex treatment of prostatitis.


Summing up, it should be understood that sex with prostatitis is both an indication and a contraindication . It all depends on the specific case and etiology of prostatitis:

  • With a stagnant form, having sex is an integral component of complex therapy and can achieve its maximum effectiveness.
  • With infectious prostatitis, sex is a contraindication and can cause serious harm to health, increasing the severity of the disease and even cause complications.

Masturbation cannot replace a full-fledged sexual intercourse and does not relieve psycho-emotional stress, but it copes with the tasks set – reduction of congestion in the prostate.

In the chronic form of prostatitis caused by sexually transmitted infections, having sex is undesirable, but if it is necessary, you need to take care of the safety of your partner and use barrier contraception – condoms.

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